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Information last updated May 28, 2020

=> What we are doing

A new coronavirus is the cause of a worldwide outbreak of respiratory infections, now known as COVID-19. We appreciate that the situation is changing daily and want to support you as best as we can through this difficult time.

We are taking these steps to promote social distancing and following the guidance of Public Health Ontario and the Ontario Medical Association:

1.    Effective immediately, all non-urgent and routine physical examinations are cancelled until further notice. 

2.    If you have a scheduled appointment in the upcoming weeks, we will attempt to call or email you to replace in-office visits with virtual or telephone consultations.

3.    We will not see any patients with respiratory symptoms including cough, sore throat, fever, and/or runny nose in the office. Please DO NOT walk-in to the office if you are sick. Patients with these symptoms who would like to speak to their doctor should call 416-785-7812 to arrange for a phone consultation.

4.    Appointments such as well baby visits for routine immunization, routine obstetrical visits and any specific appointment that your doctor feels is essential will be kept but may be changed to a different time as we want this to be properly triaged. You will be contacted and notified of any changes.

  • HOWEVER, if you or your baby/child have any upper respiratory symptoms (cough, congestion, sore throat), headache, fever, aches, nausea, diarrhea (or are uncertain about what to do) please call before coming in as we may advise you to postpone your appointment.
Please understand that the phone lines may be busy, so please be patient. If you call and are leaving a message please clearly state your name, the telephone number and email where you can be reached and a very brief reason for the call/email. The doctor may call you back on a private line so please pick up the phone if you see a blocked number.

=> What can you be doing?

How to stay safe and healthy

•    Practice social distancing
•    Wear a mask in situations where distance cannot be maintained. Click here for tips on wearing and disposing of masks
•    Practice good hand hygiene
•    Cough or sneeze into your sleeve
•    Do not share food, drinks, toothbrushes, etc.

If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or are concerned about symptoms that may suggest COVID-19
•    Most cases of COVID-19 are mild and can be managed by isolating yourself at HOME.
•    Click here for instructions on How to Self-Isolate at Home
•    Once you are symptom-free for at least 48 hours, you can resume your usual daily activities
•    If you are not sure, do the COVID-19 Self Assessment Screening Tool from Public Health Ontario

If you have more severe symptoms (such as severe shortness of breath or chest pain)
•    Contact Telehealth Ontario  at 1-866-797-0000 or your local public health unit
•    If you are in need of IMMEDIATE medical attention, call 911 or go to your local emergency room

If you have traveled outside Canada but do NOT  have symptoms
•    you are at risk of being a carrier of COVID-19 and passing it on to others
•    you should stay in Quarantine for 14-days after your return to Canada;
•    Click Here for instructions on How to Quarantine
•    If you have no symptoms after 14 days, you can resume your normal daily activities

If you are feeling anxious, please read the attached resource for some useful tips:
COVID-19 Anxiety Handout

=> Useful Links

For reliable information about COVID-19, please visit:

Ontario College of Family Physicians - We're Here for Your Care

Ontario Ministry of Health:

World Health Organization:

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention:

Toronto Public Health:

Government of Canada Travel Advice and Advisory:

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We are currently not accepting new patients into the family practice. Prenatal referrals are welcome.

If you have a cough or fever, please CALL THE CLINIC to obtain advise from your doctor re. your risk of COVID-19.

For further details please visit our COVID-19 INFORMATION PAGE.

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